The LOK7OVA is a smaller body guitar, a slightly reduced dreadnaught. The smaller body is easier to handle, and gives a balanced sound with plenty of basses, but clean trebles and mids. A super profiled and comfortable neck, with a sitka spruce top and ovankol back and sides. A lovely round, thumpy but precise sound and really excellent projection with old style tone. Gorgeous matt aged Gotoh tuners, open pore satin vintage finish, make this a super attractive guitar for all round use. The sound hole is decorated with two rings of tinted maple and abalone. Features the ‘Airy brace’ K Yairi concept where the braces have been made as light as possible by drilling holes in them, to increase resonance and increase the lowmid  range. Discrete, rare, and affordable for a hand-made instrument with a dovetail neck joint.


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