The DY62C is a classic K Yairi model played and loved by many working musicians because of its polyvalence, good looks and absolutely amazing neck. We could mention Monte Montgomery, to name but one. All K Yairi necks are hand carved, profiled and the neck joints are all dovetailed but this dreadnaught cutaway has a flat heel as you can see in the close up, and this gives accessibility and comfort that are unique. The cedar top gives warmth and volume, combined with the burl mahogany back and sides for sound and aesthetics that meet universal appreciation. The model has amplification by LR BAGGS with volume and tone controls in the sound hole for discretion and efficiency. If you are looking for a dreadnaught with cutaway for concerts and personal use, look no further. This guitar just has it all. Very limited stock and there is no burl mahogany left.


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